Why Give?

1. Students

Nearly 94 percent of undergraduate students at SJNY received financial aid during the 2022-2023 academic year. The Annual Fund helps many gifted students cover the cost of attending the University. Much like their predecessors who first walked through St. Joseph’s doors in 1916, many of today’s students are the first in their family to go to college. They rely on the generous support of the entire University community to realize their dreams of receiving a quality education.

2. Campus Life

Gifts to St. Joseph’s University cover more than tuition expenses. Your generosity also supports on-campus activities — from sports teams to clubs and a variety of campuswide events — your donation provides students with opportunities to expand their horizons with engaging educational experiences outside of the classroom.

3. Faculty

Over the years, our faculty has provided a first-rate education for thousands of students, and the tradition continues with your generous support. A donation to the Annual Fund is one way to further strengthen the excellent educational foundation that St. Joseph’s faculty consistently provide.

Why I Give

Meet: Dr. Jean A. Reynolds, SJNY Brooklyn, Class of 1967

Q: What inspires you to give back to your alma mater? A: The reason is simple. I want the students enrolled today to have the same wonderful experience that I had at St. Joe’s. I enjoyed learning from inspiring professors and had enriching experiences outside of the classroom as well—we took advantage of all that was right at our fingertips in New York City. My classmates and I loved going to see Broadway plays, visiting museums, and enjoying the culture of the city. I was lucky enough to make lifelong friendships during my time at St. Joseph’s, all of whom I am still close with today. We all enjoy attending our Reunion celebrations, especially when we went to our 50th Reunion together!

Q: How do you feel that you are making an impact? A: When I started making monthly donations to the SJNY Annual Fund, I knew my gifts were making a difference in the lives of current students. I chose to give monthly for two reasons: first, because the need for student financial assistance is constant. Second, I find it’s easier to make a larger gift by spreading my payments out over the year. Most of all, I give because I know that my support allows other students to enjoy what I enjoy at St. Joe’s: an all-around wonderful experience. I invite you to join me by becoming a recurring donor to the St. Joseph University’s Annual Fund.

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